Apps & Ads

Apps & Ads

Well hello there again.

So we want to let you know we are adding more third-party ads to our sites as a way to make a bit more money to help us cover the cost of our bills and other various things we can do with that money. Like put it back into the site for better development, or to give back to all of our users!

Yes, ads are annoying, but they are a big part of our daily life now if you like it or not. We don't want to add in many ads where the page becomes unusable, but we will put them out enough to earn back ourselves.

Along with us adding in these ads, we are going to be pushing for more traffic as best we can without the use of us buying ad space. We are pushing for more social interactions and other ways to get more web traffic.

Next, we'd like to say a few things about the apps we are making. We just recently got our first app published into the Play Store. There is still some work that needs to be done to that app as well as a few other apps we are going to release.

The next app we are hopefully going to release on there will be the Cybuds app, but no guarantee. 

All our apps will have ads in them to a degree. We might make a small app for this site of Lvl2 to make appointments or such and if so then that won't have ads, but our others will. We will listen and reduce ads if needed.

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