All the fun stuff we have been doing.

All the fun stuff we have been doing.

Alright so we have been doing some work on a few things lately that we really want to push out soon. We have also been doing some testing with a few of our platforms before we go live with that project.

So basically we are doing all that we can to get our projects out there. We are a very small team still. And we have some many great ideas we want to bring to life. If it's our own, or yours!

Right now we are working on a few apps. We have some apps already, and we are also working on some small fixes with those, but the other apps are something different.

One is about our new site. Basically it's own app, yet it has one already, but this one will be better looking and what not. Then we are putting together a social chat app, and then lastly an app for our site Comets.

The thing we are testing right now is our ad network. We have been putting together a bunch of ads that also bypass ad blockers and putting them on our sites. Soon we will open it to other people to use.

Now it's taking us some time and we are hoping we can get it all done within the next month or two, as we are also quite busy in our personal lives due to covid.

It might be slow for us in a way, but it's kinda fun with this. We like it and hope you will all like our stuff.

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