A Small Internet Update

A Small Internet Update

Hey there guys!

 It's been a little while since we said anything to us. Well not entirely true, we do make several posts on our other sites about what's going on with that. We haven't done one as a whole for a bit. Well, here we are.

So let's give a little update on what we can say. Even though we are transparent, there is some info that's just not ready to be released yet. And we want to make sure everything is good.


We have recently been working as hard as we can on the sites we have put out there. Since our last blog post, we have also been putting together about 8 other sites. So we have a lot of work on the sites. We won't say just what we have put together yet, but we promise you all that it's good stuff!

Internet real estate:

One of the things we have been thinking of starting on top of all the other sites/projects is an ISP and Web Host. Since we enjoy buying up domain names and making something of them, we want to set up a good service to sell to others good internet, or a space on the internet. And not with a sub-domain type space, but a full web host to host your website.

When will we be ready-ready?

Well, that's a question we can't fully answer. As we'd love to just say we are ready for all our company perks and such is good in the next few months, but really we won't be ready to be fully open till a few more years. We work as fast as we can to make sure we can do more of this work as we want this company to grow and would rather work on this rather than dead-end jobs that we do on the side at the moment.

We try really hard to put our name out there to grow our company as a whole. It's hard work with very little money, and like no help at all. 

- Love Lvl2

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