Whats going on with Lvl2?

Whats going on with Lvl2?

Hey there everyone!

We here at Lvl2 have been doing all we can with our projects and new things we take care of. Some of these are pretty hard to manage to be honest, but we do our best to keep up with the changing world.

Over the last few years, we have really had to pick up all the pieces that have fallen from under us, as we have not only changed a lot, but with the pandemic hitting the globe we have had to make things really happen if we want to stay a company.

Our goal has always been to make the internet a better place somehow and we are always trying to make new things to make it a better place or work with others to change evolving tech.

Right now to be honest we are taking on too many projects than we can handle and we are trying to now break them down to different departments of the company to have time to be able to work on them.

Since we haven't fully updated our portfolio here is what we are doing right now with these projects.


  • OMG Byte <- News site.
  • Sponzlr <- A place to support creators.
  • Cybuds <- A transparent Social Network
  • Cylix <- Link shortener/Link profile

Being work on:

  • OMG Music <- sharing music you make
  • Comets <- Creator driven streaming media
  • Cybyte <- Ad network
  • Portal <- A job board
  • EXPlr <- Search
  • & more

As you can see we do have a lot on our plate. We have to make sure all these are updated, working smoothly, have apps, make posts, market and research a lot. We do all this cause we not only like it but because we care for the future of the internet.

Since our team is small, we do all that we can to provide what we think is the best, but it can be better and one day it will be better. Lvl2 will grow and continue to make good things for everyone.

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