Making the move.

Making the move.

Hello there.

We are finally making a small but decently big step into running a small site network. Basically we are making a switch to a new host that has better support for us, and better hardware and such to make sure our sites and all sites on their servers run great. Not only that but we have now more space to give users when uploading files, photos, and more.

Now, not every site has made the switch right now. We have a lot of sites we had on them and we are slowly bringing them over to our new host. We are still under staffed and working as fast as we can for all the projects and even admin things.

We are hopping to get everything moved over in about a week or so. We are actaully trying to leave this host. Its a toxic relationship.

Once we have made the switch fully we will make a post and finally be happy.

Let's keep moving forward and level up!

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