Websites to apps.

Websites to apps.


So we have been doing work on all the sites we can, there are a few that we are leaving out of getting fixed or whatnot for a bit, but everything will soon be updated. With this work, we have seen some better traffic and such to our sites and even to the apps that we currently have out there.

Speaking of apps we will soon be converting most of our websites into apps for android. For iOS maybe. We don't have a lot of desire to work with Apple as they are much tighter with rules on how they do things and charge more, rather than a one-time fee.

These apps will be fairly basic and more so just the website in mobile app form. Think more like a PWA ( Progressive Web App ) Others will have a more flushed out GUI.

We want to make the push to mobile as best we can as that is a huge market at the moment and will be a number one area where new things will go. Smaller, handheld, on the go solutions. So we need to be better adept.

If you want to download the app we have in the Play Store right now then please go and download to help support us. It's a fun arcade app with 70+ minigames to play.

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