Let the Work begin

Let the Work begin

Well hey there!

We are currently writing this post on our new machine. We finally got a little upgrade for our company so we can keep doing the work we love and hope to grow into something even better than what we already envision, cause we do have our dreams set high. If they aren't set too high will you ever get anything done?

We will plan on releasing a review on this machine. It's not the best out there, but it's a much better upgrade than what we had before to do any work. With this, we can improve at least by 35% more. When the review comes out is when we will say what we have.

Now, remember we still only have one staff member so there is only one machine and we can still only work so fast on our projects or orders.

With this, we are going to be doing a lot more setting up of our company doing things behind the scenes. Most has been done, but some elements were blocked and we can finally get around them.

Expect us to still be working at the same pace we are now like we are still using our old machine as we want to make sure everything on our back end is set up and at least 90% finished. But we are going to be working hard and as fast as we can on bringing you the best new internet, media, community, and much more!

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